June 27

Recover Faster & More Efficiently Using Technology

Do you hate being sore for so long? Ever wish you could push harder in the gym more consistently? Here at the Institute for Functional Health, you can explore different combinations of using technology to your benefit. Cryotherapy and Normatec in combination can keep you working harder more consistently. Muscle soreness and limited motion due to exercise can keep us from working out as hard as we want to and have us feeling achy. On average we feel soreness for a few days as lactic acid and micro-tears in the muscles are present.

Cryo-units are alternatives to ice baths. Cold therapy is great for muscle soreness. By having a 3 minute session in -261 degree temperatures, you can speed up the process of recovery. Some other benefits to cryotherapy are:

  • Tighter Skin
  • Better mood
  • Relieves soreness
  • Increases metabolism
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Burns approximately 500 calories!

Another treatment we offer along with Cryotherapy is Normatec. This device can help your legs, arms and hips recover from muscle soreness much faster than just stretching. One session takes 15 minutes, this beats being sore for 5 days. Reduced mobility and discomfort from soreness can limit our exercise. Normatec restricts blood flow distally then works towards the body. This helps to push out the lactic acid from your muscles. Think of it as pinching off a water hose. This is what it’s doing to the blood to your limbs. Once released, oxygen rich blood is reintroduced to your sore areas, bringing in nutrients needed for muscle recovery. With cryotherapy it might take a couple of sessions in to feel the benefit. With Normatec the relief is mostly felt automatically.

Come in today and give it a try, these treatments don’t take much time at all to do. Normally you can do both in under 30 minutes. Give us a call today to schedule….your body will thank you.


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