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Welcome to your Functional Health Assessment with the Institute for Functional Health.  We've designed this quick quiz to identify areas in your health where your body may not be functioning at its peak.

The value we are able to provide you is completely dependent on your honesty and transparency.  Some of these questions may make you uncomfortable, but rest assured that every question we ask is for a specific reason.

We will be covering the topics of Physical Activity, Pain, Emotions & Stress, and Digestion.  At the conclusion of the quiz, you will be asked to submit your name and email address.  Within 3 minutes of your submission, your score will be calculated and you will receive an email with our assessment of the current state of your Functional Health.

Our founder, Dr. Jacob Torres, has designed this self-assessment with a broad range of common conditions in mind.  If you have any questions or concerns about this quiz, please reach out to our office.  In the interest of full disclosure, this Functional Health Assessment is for informational purposes only and should not be interpretted as medical diagnosis.

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Before we get into the in-depth questions that will challenge you to be honest in assessing yourself, let's start with an easy one . . .

Which is your gender?
Our first series of questions focus on your physical stamina and regular physical activity:

Is it difficult for you to touch your toes while standing?
Which of the following best describes your reaction to being asked to climb 10 flights of stairs?
How many hours a week would you estimate that you spend working out?  This does not have to be lifting heavy weights.  This may include jogging, a brisk walk, or playing sports.  In general, we're trying to gauge how often you get your heart rate up.
Okay, aside from the previous question about "working out" (or maybe deliberate physical activity) . . . on a daily basis, how much time would you say that you are up and moving around?  I understand that every day can be different, but you know your typical weekday routine so just make your best estimate for this question.
Excellent job on the 'Physical Activity' questions.  Now let's go over any pain you may be having:

Do you ever experience headaches?
Do you ever experience neck or shoulder tension?
How often do you get lower back pain?  Maybe this pain even extends down to sciatic pain or into the back of your legs (hamstrings)?
This can be a tough question to answer honestly . . . how's your memory treating you?

Don't hold anything back here.  Just pick the multiple choice answer that seems most reasonable.
Great job of getting to this point!  You're halfway there . . .

This next section will focus on our mental and emotional state: two critical areas to ensure you are truly living your best health.

How would you define your current emotional state?
Do you feel as though you libido, or desire to be more intimate, has decreased?
Do you ever find yourself more irritable than in the past?
Do you ever feel like you have "brain fog"?

In case you are not familiar with that term, it is a commonly used phrase that sums up feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus and mental clarity.
The last question was specific to "brain fog".  For this question, do you ever feel sluggish or tired even after you've rested?
Let's talk about stress . . .

We're going to keep these answer choices need to stress you out about them.

Which of the following best describes the frequency that you feel stress?
As a followup to that last question about stress . . . do you ever feel overwhelmed and anxious?
How excited do you get these days about your interests and hobbies?
Let's talk about your digestion.  This is a topic that most people don't like to discuss, but your gut is just as important as your brain when it comes to regulating all of your body systems.  Be honest with this assessment and you will be shocked at what you learn.

After having a bowel movement, do you ever feel as though your bowels have not completely emptied?
Do you ever notice undigested food in your stool?
After you eat greasy or high fat foods, do you ever experience bowel distress?  This may include diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or flatulence.
After meals, do you experience heartburn or excessive belching?
How would you categorize your cravings for salty or sweet foods?

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