March 6

Why Your Muscles Can’t Work Properly

It is very common for people to have muscle imbalances. I have patients come in that tell me they want their quadriceps really toned – we must focus on the opposing muscle as well. This prevents over compensation on the incorrect muscle groups. Here is a short list of common imbalances I see daily. If you feel like any of these apply to you, let us help you get together an exercise and stretching regimen. There is no need to let it get worse when we can address it now!

  • Forward head carriage
  • Supinated feet
  • Pronated feet
  • Forward pelvic tilt
  • “Hunch back”
  • Rounded shoulders

Working on certain muscles, and not properly balancing your workout regimen can lead to bad posture, and drastically increase your risk of injury. We can reintroduce you to exercises, and assess your form so you are more comfortable doing them on your own. We will show you what we know, but also help give you the tools you need to know if you are doing things properly. Once you feel the correction, you can continue on with confidence!



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