August 24

Hydration and Back Pain

There is a spike in summer back pain cases, not only because of activity but also because of hydration. Muscles and organs are not the only ones needing water to maintain a healthy status, our bones do too. Being aware of the link between hydration and pain management is vital to your well-being. Joints can be affected by dehydration. Today diuretics such as coffee and energy drinks are popular among people to stay up and alert. The best energy drink out there is water. Think about that in relation to your musculoskeletal system.

When it comes to our spine, the shock absorbers come in the form of disks. When the body is dehydrated, it can affect the health of these shock absorbers. The nucleus pulposis, or center of our disks is made up of water. When they shrink due to dehydration, they can lead to bulges, herniation or less cushion for your spine. Something to think about if you are putting a lot of strain on your backs or have a condition related to back pain.

Summer is hot, especially here in Texas. Weather you work out side or indoors, remember your bodies require more fluids because of the summer conditions. Staying hydrated will help our supportive muscles stay loose and give our spinal column more support.

Here at The Institute for Functional Health, not only can you learn about your own spinal column through adjustments and assessments; you can also assess the proper diet and amount of fluids needed for your individual body. Give it a try and let the good times flow.


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