June 25

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

As June comes to an end we need to not “FORGET” to mention it’s Alzheimer and Brain Awareness month! Wear your purple and be aware of the disease that affects about 47 million people.  Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in the aging population globally.  The study of the disease is still ongoing and exactly how it occurs and who will get it is not fully understood by experts. However, we do know that  part of the disease is unique to genetics and lifestyle.  WHen assessing your own risk knowing your family history can inform you if you may be at risk.  Now besides gene therapy and modifying our own DNA which is not something we can easily do. Lets focus on everyday activities to be mindful of to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and PROMOTE Brain health.

Through the research it has been found that a healthy lifestyle with social interaction, education, physical and mental activities can have a positive effect on brain health.  Some supplements that can be beneficial for prevention are : Omega-3 fatty acids like fish oils, vanti-oxidant vitamins, vitamins B6,B12, folate and vitamin D.  Our dietary needs are important to consider also A mediterranean diet is thoughts by experts to help in prevention of Alzheimer disease. Berries are high in flavonoids which in some studies have shown to slow the rates of cognitive decline.

Here at the IFFH we strive to empower you to take control of your health. So much of your health and lifestyle can be linked to the risk factors that scientists think might be an influence on Alzheimer disease which are the same diseases many Americans struggle with like high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and high cholesterol.  

Sources: Up todate prevention of dementia, CDC ALzheimeer’s disease and who-AD


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