Name: Anita S

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Conditions:Thyroid Disorder, Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog

Anita is a Registered Nurse and came to the Institute for Functional Health with her primary concern being brain fog.  She was also stuggling with her weight and felt a chronic lack of energy.  Having experience from the perspective of a healthcare provider, she did not she did not want to succumb to just taking medication and was ready to take control herself.

After her Discovery Day we identified that systemic inflammation throughout her body was causing these symptoms.  Her labwork confirmed that she had a common autoimmune reaction that caused her thyroid to not function properly.  Once her Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid autoimmune disorder) was discovered, we were able to support her body's natural transformation.  The results after a few months were astounding: her brain fog was gone, she was finally able to lose the weight and her energy was back!  We were very proud to help her to naturally restore her body without unnecessary medications and potential side effects.