April 28

9 Tips for Reducing Your Daily Stress

We all have things going on in our lives, and it can be rather hard to focus on yourself. Maybe your work schedule is really demanding, or your kids are wanting to do all the extracurricular activities. The reality is, we are all human and life does not last forever. So we need to be mindful on our stress levels, and find a way to take it down a notch! Take these tips and try to apply them to your life, so you can if not eliminate stress, find ways to manage it efficiently.

  1. Don’t overload yourself. Quit filling up your schedule to the brim! We all have things we needs to get done, but we don’t need to over exert ourselves daily.
  2. Regulate your rest time. We all know they say to get eight hours of sleep, but set your time daily so that you have the same routine. Your body needs a healthy sleep pattern, and it will make your mornings much easier!
  3. Prioritize your tasks. Keep a small list of big tasks you need to get done, then a list of small tasks that you can do if you have time that day.
  4. Minimize time on your phone. While it is great to keep up with your loved ones and close friends, it is also nice to get what you need done without interruptions. Quit picking up your phone so much, and leave the messages to break times.
  5. Read a book. Reading a book, especially before bed time can get your mind off your worries for tomorrow, and get you to start winding down. It keeps you from looking at your Twitter account and use electronic lighting. It’ll cue your body it is time for sleep, and help you relax.
  6. Take a bath. Going to bed clean means keeping your sheets clean longer, and who doesn’t like sleeping in clean sheets? Your body feels relaxed from the warm shower and you feel relaxed.
  7. Get massages regularly. We all develop tension and get muscle knots, especially when we are undergoing stressful situations. Help your muscles relax and function to their full capacity by pampering them from time to time!
  8. Surround yourself with positivity. You want life to be happy, and the more positivity you have in yours, the more successful you will be. Work and associate yourself with people who will make you a better person,. From time to time there is nothing wrong with tough love, but you don’t need it constantly.
  9. Take a break. Sometimes it can be hard to get some time off, but everybody needs a vacation. Take some time for yourself and go somewhere to destress. You will come back ready to take on the world!


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