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Functional medicine should be the first stop for women seeking support as their body transitions through the various stages of life.  At its core, our doctors at the Institute for Functional Health design natural solutions as your body undergoes hormonal changes that create additional stress on your body.

While stress can be a natural and healthy physiological reaction for your body as it heals itself, that does not make the transition any easier as the delicate balance of all of your body systems must work together for you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, both emotionally and physcially.

If your body is undergoing a transition and you would like natural solutions to minimize symptoms that may be associated with this sudden chemical change within your body, then we invite you to schedule a Discovery Day with your nearest Institute for Functional Health clinic.

During your Discovery Day our doctors will assess your current state by perform extensive lab work to identify hormone levels, and determine the lifestyle choices that will best equip you to gracefully transition to your next stage in life.  In the sections below, we have detailed common stages in women's health and how functional medicine approaches your needs.

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