July 17

Why You Should Be Pouring Yourself a Cup of Ginger Tea!

Ginger is a caffeine- and sugar-free plant that contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals working together to benefit your health. Ginger was founded by the Chinese and Indians hundreds of years ago and is one of the biggest plant export today. It is one of the oldest plants currently in existence and today there is wide variety of uses and purposes for ginger. For example, when made into tea, ginger releases gingerol and protease, which are compounds that may help boost cardiovascular circulation. 

A common way for preparing your ginger tea can easily be done by slicing up ginger root and boiling it in water. But nowadays, powders and teabags are more convenient. I would recommend making sure the ginger is of high quality and not from just a cheap source. Since the popularity of ginger and turmeric have increased, so have the not so reputable companies trying to sell low-grade quality products for profit. 

Let’s look at the multiple great ways ginger tea can improve your health!

First, Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason ginger is great for promoting longevity to a person’s life. We live in a high-inflammatory society and with wrong habits and poor diet’s we hurt ourselves in the long run. Lowering inflammation can also ease respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic allergies. 

Ginger is also great for the gut! It can help boost stomach health by reducing the effects of chronic indigestion. Since your gut is where the majority of your immune system is, there is another reason why ginger promotes longevity. 

It has been shown that drinking ginger tea can help with nausea. Nausea medication can actually prolong the repetition of producing more nauseous moments.  Along with nausea is it very good for calming the body when experiencing anxiety. Nausea and anxiety decrease the body’s ability to absorb good nutrient when we eat and can lead to chronic digestive issues. 

And last, ginger is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important in lowering free radicals in the body that promote damage to cells. This can lead to lowered brain function, lowered immune systems, and chronic disease. Ginger can improve attention and cognitive processing. 

So go ahead and the next time you are wanting a nice warm drink, put the coffee away and make yourself a cup of ginger tea. Your body won’t regret it!


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