June 30

Stand Up Straight!

We all have heard this term throughout our lives. As we age, this becomes more and more valuable to our musculoskeletal system. If you suffer from neck or low back pain, the root cause can be bad posture. Once our spine starts to lose its proper curvature in the right areas, it can have a domino effect on our bodies.

As we age our bodies tend to bend forward as our supportive muscle structures become weaker. Most of what we do is in front of our bodies. For example; using your cell phone, reading, watching tv, and using a computer are common ways we aggravate muscles. We strain muscles and compress our spine with many things we do through our daily lives.

Here at the Institute for Function Health, we can assess your posture. Once you see where you need to reset curvature, we have routines that can get you in proper alignment. Less pain, less knots, and better range of motion is what you can gain.

As you can see by the illustration plumb lines are used in this instance to show proper posture. Sitting up alone will not correct the problem if there is some reset needed. You will need to conduct a series of exercises and stretches to get back in line.

Every inch your head rests forward out of alignment, 10 pounds of pressure is put onto the spine.


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