November 9

Power in the Powder

Tanned, oily hunks with bulging six packs. When you think of protein, the first thing you may think of is scantily clad men and women posing under the gleaming stage lights contorting themselves into any position that makes their muscles pop out as far as the viewer’s eyes. But bodybuilders aren’t the only people who should be worried about getting enough protein in their diets.

Mostly everybody knows protein is important for your body and building muscle. However, you don’t have to pump iron like Arnold to win these benefits that protein offers.

  • Energy supply
  • Satiety
  • Assist weight loss
  • Muscle synthesis and repair

Protein is an essential building block for strong hair and nails. Ladies, if you have to opt for acrylics at the salon, more protein may be the key to growing longer, stronger natural nails. (Guys, this could save you some serious cash.)

Protein is also responsible for providing energy and increasing and prolonging the feeling of fullness thereby decreasing snacking and promoting weight loss. And last, but not least, protein is the foundation for muscle growth and repair.

What About Me?

Ask any athlete and they’ll tell you how important protein is. Ask them how much they need and they’ll probably tell you they’re late for a workout and jet. So what’s the answer?

  • Inactive adults: 0.4 g/lb
  • Strength athletes: 0.5-0.8 g/lb
  • Endurance athletes: 0.5-1.4 g/lb

Ultimately each person’s protein needs are as unique as they are and should be addressed as such. Innumerous lifestyle factors influence an individual’s protein needs. Here at the Institute for Functional Health, we help you figure out your needs and optimize your nutrition to enjoy all the benefits you deserve!


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