The Integrative Approach to Physical Wellness

Traditional medicine offers two approaches to keeping you mobile and pain-free:

  1. Surgically repair or replace joints
  2. Medications to dull the pain

While we certainly understand that surgical procedures or medications may be an absolute necessity, we also believe that those solutions should be a last resort.

This is where our integrative approach brings together the expertise of our functional wellness practitioners with the expertise of our specialists in the physical structure and motions of the body.

Our goal is minimal medical intervention for maximum effectiveness - while placing your body in a position to heal itself.

Many times, pain may be the cause of inflammation and there are other environmental triggers for inflammation in your joints. When we fix the root cause, we fix the pain.

Other times, your joints may be wearing down and stem cell therapy would help your joint to regenerate its own healing tissue to avoid joint replacement surgery.

Or perhaps your lower back is hurting, but rather than joint injections to numb the pain, spinal decompression therapy can help relieve pressure and promote your disc's own self-healing.

These are just a few examples of our integrative approach to restoring your body back to its full form and function without and endless cycle of pain medications or risky surgical procedures.

Our process for helping you to live pain free begins with a Discovery Day. During this Discovery Day we will gain an intimate understanding of your situation and order any necessary imaging and lab work.

Our full team will then meet after-hours to discuss our integrative approach to your pain, and develop a range of natural options. We will get all clearances from your health insurance so you know exactly how much, if any, the treatment will cost out of pocket, prior to beginning any services.

Our plan is to educate you throughout this process so that you know the pros and cons to every option, and you can make the best decision for your own health.

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