Men's Health

Men's Health is an area that has received increased focus over the last few years as more men are paying attention to how their bodies change as they age.  As a whole, men at a younger age are more frequently reporting an overall lack of energy coupled with insomnia and physical fatigue.

These symptoms along with higher cholesterol and the inability to build muscle may be signs that the body is struggling to produce sufficient levels of testosterone.  In fact, due to elevated stress levels, many men are experiencing andropause, which is a decrease in testosterone production and an increase in estrogen production.  Low testosterone has also been shown to be a precursor to prostate cancer, particularly in men with a family history of prostate cancer.

You have undoubtedly heard of "Low T" centers where you can stop into a center, receive a testosterone injection, and go along your way in less than 10 minutes.  And while this may be conveniently appealing, this treatment is potentially dangerous as it ignores the underlying causes of low testosterone, that have just as great an impact.

Your testosterone levels may be low, but issues such as poor digestion, acid reflux, stress, and blood sugar disturbances may also be the culprit for sleeplessness and fatigue.

At the Institute for Functional Health, we would rather treat the underlying conditions that are causing low testosterone levels.  We want to ensure that your treatment plan takes your cardiovascular risk factors into effect, and that you are not solving one problem only to open the door for many more chronic issues down the road.

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