September 14

Keep Knee Pain at Bay

The knee joint is one of the most complex and most impacted areas of our body. According to The American Academy for Pain Medicine, 1 in 5 people suffer from knee pain. Maintaining a healthy balance of strength and agility of the knee is important to keep this area from snowballing into chronic conditions. Some of the most common condition people suffer from are:

  • ACL injuries
  • Torn Meniscus
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Sprains
  • Cysts

If you are an active gym enthusiast, it is crucial to keep the knees in good condition. Some sporting exercises put your knee at risk more than others. Stretching tight areas that can aggravate knee pain is one way to address and maintain good knee health.

Some of the ways to defeat knee pain is to use proper gait weight distribution, weight loss, and proper footwear, release tight areas, strengthen the legs, and use proper technique with dynamic movements with exercise.

Pressure release with the muscles and the fascia can be done using massage, foam rolls and lacrosse balls. Tight muscles and knots with pressure in areas like the quadriceps can relieve any negative pressure on the knee through movement. It is important to be assessed and find out what is tight when it comes to our leg muscle groups.

Strengthening weak areas like the glutes or hamstrings will help prevent any dominance to a certain side of the leg that puts pressure on the knee in a certain direction. Again, assessment is a great way to find out what needs attention.

Stretching and corrective stretching is another tool we use to keep your leg muscles balanced out though our steps. This is very important when it comes to activity to prevent injuries.

Here at The Institute for Functional Health, we can help you out no matter what level of fitness you are in. Assessments, bloodwork, dietary plans, supplements, physical training and Physical therapy are all under one roof here. Working the problems from the inside out is needed to maximize your overall health or a focused area like the knees.


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