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Improve & Maintain Low Back Health

Have you ever experienced low back pain? The number one reason employees miss work in American, is due to back pain. When we suffer from low back pain, it makes it difficult to do any task, even sitting. Our waistlines are the axis that is the center of gravity for our bodies. It is the point where the most stress is placed. This is why low back flexibility is important. Good posture, flexibility and strength should be the three main pillars to focus on.

Posture is everything! Work, sleep, home life, and hobbies can alter our postures. Be sure to keep that in mind when you are driving, sitting or walking. Three points of concern should be in the core, chest and chin. Be sure your core is braced (not flexed). Doing this ensures the proper support for your lumbar spine up to your head and neck. The chest should be slightly out with our shoulders back. Be sure not to stick chest out too much, out thoracic spine has a natural curve opposite of the neck and low back. The chin must be neutral and slightly tucked in. This is very important as much of what we do requires us to look down (cell phones, computers, cooking).

Flexibility Is Freedom

Anytime we bend or twist, flexibilty comes into play. Low back flexibilty is just as important as the range of motion in out neck. The more we can move, the less pressure we put on our joints and ligaments. Many jobs are geared towards sitting for long periods of time these days. This can cause stiffened muscles, ligaments and joints. One you get up you can feel the affects of sitting too long. It will in turn affect any other movement we wish to accomplish. If you want to exercise, it can lead to injury. Some stretches you can use to stay loose are:

  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Cobra Stretch
  • Mermaid Stretch
  • Cat/ Cow Stretch
  • Lateral Overhead Bend Stretches
  • Swan Pose Stretch



Muscles Hold our Skeletal Structure Up.

Strength is often over looked when it comes to our spinal health. Stretching and posture alone cannot combat the stress we place on our backs. What will keep us out pain is having good support via the muscles. If your core is weak, your back will feel the brunt of having a weak core. Our abdominal complex is a vast, multi layered complex of muscle groups meant to support the axis of load our bodies carry on the waistline. Different abdominal muscles play different roles in supporting our flexibility. Be sure to explore the different types of exercises for each type. Back exercises are important to target the back muscles opposite of our abdominals. Use a well-rounded routine in both areas.

Where Can I Find Out More Specifically for My Body and Lifestyle?

Here at The Institute for Functional Health, we can cover all bases. Whether you need chiropractic assessments/ adjustments, exercises plans, nutrition plans (Aid weight reduction and decrease inflammation), trigger point release, and therapy. Don’t become a statistic. Take charge of your spinal health and improve your quality of life.


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