September 17

How Fast Do We Lose Muscle?

If you are an active person, or ever fell off a workout routine, you might wonder how long it takes to lose results. When it comes to the decrease of strength or stamina, there are many factors to consider. Age, fitness level, and gender are all taken into consideration.

There are many negative affects to losing strength and conditioning.

  • Lower metabolism.
  • Decrease growth factor hormones.
  • Lessens skeletal structure support.
  • Decreases fat burn.
  • Lower energy.
  • Suppresses mood.

So you are looking to get a kick start or just a plain old start to workout, know the other benefits besides looking better. In older adults, the loss of muscle mass or sarcopenia is a factor in falls as it leads to instability.

Within 48 hours the body slows muscle building via protein synthesis. When it comes to strength and stability, results can be noticeably diminished in one week. With endurance, it usually takes 2 weeks to notice a decrease in results.

As we age we notice the physiological changes in our bodies. At the age of 30 a person can start to see a significant increase in strength and hypertrophy. Towards the end of our 30’s this will start to decrease. Past the age of 50, a typical person can lose up to .04 pounds per year.

Diet is important to take into consideration when it comes to limiting calories to increase protein synthesis. Eating cleaner as we move past our primes is vital to having a head start of the body’s reaction to aging.

Sleep is often overlooked. Getting the deep sleep is important to rebuilding muscle at rest. Time management is important to fit in exercise, do not neglect sleep. The harder you work the more rest you need.

There are many factors you have to consider at any point in your lifespan when it comes to fitness. Here at the Institute for Functional Health we offer bloodwork results via free consultation. Find out where you stand and where you are headed. Supplementation and diet can be tailored to your specific needs with physical medicine. Physical training is offered to assess your level of fitness. Address areas needed to maximize fitness results along with diet. Take control of your health today.


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