Dr. Jacob Torres DC, D.PSc

Founder, Institute for Functional Health

Dr. Jacob Torres is a native of San Antonio, TX. He quickly realized that he wanted to help people reach their Maximal Health Potential and live the life they were destined to live. After seeing family members struggle with health issues all their lives Dr. Torres decided to begin studying and researching why people were suffering from different debilitating diseases.

In 2005, his mother was diagnosed with Granuloma Sarcoidosis, his sister with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and later he was diagnosed with Vitiligo.​

This is when he began to study and seek advice from many physicians on how and why these diseases had come about. It was with this curiosity that he started to further his journey on how to help patients naturally.

Dr. Torres has been in private practice for 5 years and has helped thousands of patients get relief from complications dealing with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, hormone imbalances, inflammatory disorders and many other aliments. He is now teaching other Doctors how to also give relief to their patients naturally.

    • Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise with emphasis in Public Health
    • Doctor of Chiropractic (Parker University)
    • Doctor of Pastoral Medicine
    • Clinical Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified in the following:
    • Functional Medicine
    • Functional Blood Chemistry
    • Functional Thyroid & Autoimmune Disorders
    • Functional Brain Chemistry & Neurotrasmitters
    • Functional Endocrinology

    Dr. Torres can also be seen:

    • Currently serving on Mayor's Fitness Council (San Antonio)
    • Leader of Transformation Tuesday's on WOAI
    • Hosts the Get Well. Stay Well. radio program on KTSA 550 AM
    • Published author of Why Do I Still Feel Sick?
    • Motivational Speaker
    • Serving all athletes at the Pan Am Games in South America