July 21

Don’t Wait, Hydrate!

Drinking water is one of the most important things we can do for our body. Not only is our body made up of 70% water, but it is a vital source for our bodily functions. Unless you have a medical condition telling you not to consume a certain amount of water, we should try to consume about half of our body weight of water in ounces, or the recommended 8 cups a day. There is no exact/agreed amount of water to consume because everyone’s body is so different, but without proper consumption of water our mind, body, and daily life can be drastically altered. So, make sure you are consuming plenty of water for your body and lifestyle daily!  

Some of the benefits of water consist of flushing waste from our body, regulation of body temperature, and it boosts our skin health to help with wrinkling. Being hydrated can help you lose weight, it will help you feel more energetic, and it helps with your muscle and joint health by keeping them lubricated and hydrated. If you are exercising regularly this is especially important that you stay hydrated. You can become light headed and dizzy, even faint, from not being hydrated enough. Water helps with our saliva and our muscles while exercising and is a huge part of our recovery Because it also helps our digestive system. It keeps everything functioning smoothly and it allows our bodies to absorb more nutrients that can only be dissolved in water. 

Another important benefit from drinking plenty of water is our kidney health. Our kidneys need water to function and filter 120-150 quarts of fluid a day. From those 120-150 quarts, 1-2 quarts are removed from our body daily through our urine, so if our kidneys are not filtering and functioning like they should daily we will have excessive amounts of fluid buildup and this can lead to serious issues. Our bodies excrete and absorb and use the water we put into it all day and night every day and night. So, understanding how important hydration is, moving forward we need to make a constant effort to hydrate and keep in mind how much our body depends on water to function.  


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