Diagnostic Assessment

At the Institute for Functional Health we have created San Antonio's leading multi-disciplinary medical facility to help patients suffering from all forms of chronic and acute pain.

Our treatment protocols incorporate the assessment, testing, imaging and compassion to full understand and identify the pain complex, and how to get and treat the root cause of the problem.

The Traditional Medicine Approach

Traditional medicine offers a broad range of treatment options, some more effective than others. And quite frankly, these options have a broad spectrum of side effects that should also be understood.

For some pain management specialists, treatment may mean for you a lifetime of recurring steroid injections to reduce inflammation.  For a different kind of specialist, treatment may mean addictive narcotics or risky surgical procedures to reduce the pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

However, these treatments are only designed to temporarily relieve the symptom of pain.  You must return again in a few months for another injection or prescription refill.  While these treatments can be effective at chronic pain management, they also carry additional consequences that will take a harmful toll on your body.

At the Institute for Functional Health, we guarantee that at your Physical Medicine Discovery Day we will evaluate you more thoroughly than you ever have been evaluated.

Our intense testing will identify the root cause of your pain and we will work with your insurance company to agree on a course of therapy that will get you fast relief and back on track with your normal everyday activities.

Schedule your Physical Medicine Discovery Day on our website or call our office at your soonest convenience.

Stop the Cycle of Medications &
Get to the Root Cause