December 5

Is Core Strength Really That Important?

As we all have heard, our core is an important factor in many of our daily activities. Having a strong core can prevent us from injury and many aches and pains caused by having a weak core. The good thing is that there are certain things we can do to strengthen our core that not only revolve around abdominal muscles but also include back, hip and pelvic muscles.

Our core plays a part in many of our daily activities and activating and strengthening it can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, a strong core can prevent injury and the all so common back pain. It also improves your balance and stability contributing to improving your performance as an athlete to simply making daily tasks such as bending over, sitting, standing lifting, and household chores more tolerable and less strenuous on the body. Strengthening your core also contributes to better posture and more equal distribution of stress and weight throughout the body.

If your everyday life involves having pain when doing everyday tasks your body is constantly compensating for the weakness that is present thus resulting in injury. Some of the exercises that involve the core muscles include abdominal crunches, variations in abdominal presses and planks among others. Exercise if very important to our health and wellness but proper form is also just as important. If you are already experiencing pain thus hindering your potential for exercise there are ways we can help to improve your daily life and reach your fitness goals.


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