Caitlin Lawson FNP-BC

Caitlin grew up in a government household that often led to her living in multiple states due to the careers of her parents. Her initial dream was to become an anesthesiologist. However, after she watched her mother pass away from metastatic breast cancer in 2014, she knew the nursing profession had made an everlasting impression.

Caitlin graduated with magna cum laude honors from the University of North Dakota in 2017 and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She packed her bags, headed to San Antonio, TX, and began working as an ICU nurse.

This experience was invaluable and ignited her drive to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She understands the importance of screenings and prevention in keeping people out of the intensive care unit.

Caitlin has advanced training in Family Medicine, Hormone Therapy, Physical Medicine, Preventative Medicine and Functional Medicine. She believes in not only helping people live longer but enjoy a better quality of life.  

Caitlin recently married her husband in November 2022. They are not yet parents but do take care of four cats and a dog. Some of her hobbies include music, traveling, and spending time with the people she loves.

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