June 14

Balance Balls in the Office

Have you ever thought of using a yoga ball at work? More and more people are starting to break out of the normal office chair. Change up your office space with something inexpensive and different. There are many types of modified balance ball chairs. Some come with wheels, armrests, backs and some are just a ball.

Why use a balance ball?

As American job settings become more and more sedentary, the more we are at risk for spinal conditions. As you have heard before, sitting can be considered the new smoking. It would be a good idea to have a balance ball and an ergonomic desk chair at your disposal. Conditions caused from prolonged sitting can be:

  • Heart Disease
  • Colon Cancer
  • Weak abdominals
  • Tight hips/ hamstrings
  • Neck/ Lower back pain
  • Weaker Bones
  • Poor circulation
  • Disc herniation/ bulges

Why is sitting so bad for us?

Our bodies were meant to move. Our bones, muscles, ligaments and joints have evolved to keep us moving. Don’t let any of these conditions affect your quality of life. The number one reason for missing work in America is due to back pain. Prevention and being proactive is the best way to stay out of pain. If you have a desk job, get moving and get creative.

Have a ball!

Circulation can be increased by sitting on a ball, no matter how padded your chair might be, it will make your bottom numb in time. Sitting on a balance ball is softer and because it uses air as a cushion, this will allow for better circulation to your lower extremities. Move your hips around and engage your core. Not having a back to lean on will make you engage your core and be sure to practice good posture. Brace your core slightly and tuck your shoulders and chin back.

Brain fog can kick in the longer we stay in one place with little movement. Studies have shown that getting your blood moving will increase brain activity. Adding movements while sitting on a balance ball is a great way to help stay alert and mentally sharp. You can always pace and walk, but if you don’t have to room to do so, get moving while sitting.

Have an exercise and stretching tool at your fingertips. Whether you want to stretch out or get a quick workout in, having a balance ball readily available will keep you looser and stronger. Explore the vast selection of stretches and bodyweight routines you can do in your office space. Set the example for your co-workers and get moving.

Burn 4 times more calories by using a balance ball. Because we have to engage more muscles to sit on the ball your calorie burn through a day at work will be significantly more than if you used a regular chair.

Balance can be increased because of you having to engage the stabilizer muscles. Of course balance is a very important part of our lives. Increasing balance will allow you to tackle dynamic workout routines and help to prevent injuries.

Get an edge on what might be holding you back from living pain free.

Being proactive in all aspects of your life is key to living healthy and having a better quality of life. Here at The Institute for Functional Health, you can have assessments done in regards to your spinal and physical health concerns. Come in today and get a plan to keep you on track.


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